We’re attempting a Guinness World Record!

This is so exciting to type that I’m wondering why my keyboard isn’t letting off mini fireworks and playing some rousing tune.

We’re asking everyone we know to take part in setting the Guinness World Records Title for the most people pledging climate action in one month!

Setting the climate action record

We need 140,001 people to commit to take climate action between 18 June – 17 July to set a new record.

Every person who pledges via Do Nation will be counted; so tell everyone you know to get pledging.

They can pledge to your personal or organisational campaign, or to this Do Nation public campaign.

Double World Record Attempt

We’ve teamed up with Count Us In and the Round Britain Climate Challenge for this adventure and there’s a second record being attempted in tandem.

Alongside 140,001 (or more!) people taking climate action, Sacha Dench, UN Ambassador for Migratory Species will embark on her own record-breaking expedition to fly around Britain in a green electricity powered paramotor.

She’ll stop along the way sharing stories, meeting change-makers, and inspiring citizens to take action themselves. You can follow here.

What you can do

Who doesn’t want to say they’re a Guinness World Record holder, eh?

  • If you’re new to Do Nation: Make a pledge between 18th June – 17th July.
  • If you already use Do Nation: Tell your friends and family to make a pledge on the Do Nation website. It’s that simple.

Every pledge made between 18th June – 17th July will be counted.

Is there a trophy?

You mean apart from the satisfaction of being part of a planet-championing, carbon-saving community?

Then yes, everyone who takes part gets a special Guinness World Record digital badge to proudly display on email footers, LinkedIn, social media profiles, zoom backdrop… the sky’s the limit!

Downloadable assets to share internally and externally

Save these and post to your heart’s content.

Add this image to your email footers
Share this image on LinkedIn, instagram and twitter
Share this image on LinkedIn, instagram and twitter

1 for 1,000: our bold new carbon target.

carbon target blue

I have a confession to make. 

Despite climate change and sustainability being our driving force for over ten years, we’ve never measured our own business’ carbon or ecological footprint, nor set any targets to reduce it.

Up until now. 

And we’re making up for it by going bold. 

Super bold.

By 2030, we aim to help our users save 1,000 tonnes of carbon for every 1 tonne we emit ourselves. Continue reading

19 tips for engaging employees during a lockdown


Here at remote-Do-HQ, we’ve taken a little of our lock-down time to learn from our clients’ wealth of experience around communicating with their people and encouraging them to try out new healthy, environmentally friendly habits. 

What have they learned about engaging employees in their Do Nation pledge challenges? And how could this help others to run effective pledge challenges during the corona crisis?

First – why now? 

Continue reading

10 things to do during a coronavirus lockdown


Firstly, I hope you’re all safe and well. We’re living in very strange times indeed.

Yet amid all the fear, pain, and panic, there is also hope and opportunity. Quite understandably and rightly, the climate crisis has fallen out of the spotlight for now. But my hope is that the corona crisis will act as a system reset for a broken economy, that we’ll all use it to reflect on what really matters to us, and we’ll come out the other side stronger for it.  Continue reading

Introducing the COP26 Climate Cycle


In November 2020, Glasgow is hosting COP26, the UN climate conference. It’s going to be BIG. 

We’re going to cycle there from across the UK. 

Will you join us? 

“Hell yeah – sign me up!” Already sold? Register interest here.

register interest button

“Why would I do such a thing?” others of you may be asking. “Cycle north, for days on end, in November?! You must be mad.” We may well be mad, but we also have some very sane reasons for why it’s a great idea: Continue reading

Six lingering thoughts from B Inspired

James and Char on stage at B Inspired It’s exactly a month since B Inspired; it’s taken me 30 days longer than hoped to share my reflections (largely thanks to being kept busy planning our B Corp 2020 Pledge Challenge!). 

Here are six things I heard at B Inspired that have lingered in my thoughts over the last month, and I thought worth sharing, late as they may be.  Continue reading

innocent drinks: a case study


Last January, innocent drinks came back to run their third employee pledge challenge on Do Nation, this time asking their people to make a pledge for the planet as part of their New Year’s Resolutions. Their case study is now live.

Over 1,000 pledges were made, with 45% of those turning into long term habits. As a result, they totally smashed their target of saving 375,000 bananas worth of carbon.  Continue reading