welcome to our web

Featured imageSo finally it is here! Well I say finally; as the newest member of The DoNation team and barely a week old, I’m not really in a place to comprehend the length of time it has taken to get the site ready. However I am glad to say the site is now live and ready to rock much to everyone’s delight!

We of course had to get the site started with a big launch party, which took place last night @ The Book Club. It was a massive success with many friends, family and supporters from the digital, environmental and corporate worlds in attendance. So a massive thanks to all of you who came and helped make the night great. A special thank you goes to Andy Hobsbawn from Do The Green Thing.  As the picture below shows, people were captivated by his speech and we definitely all shared his sentiments on how awesome The DoNation and Hermione are. If the number of people who turned up yesterday is an indication of the number and diversity of people who will use the site, we are in for a treat. But of course, as is the concept behind The DoNation, we don’t just want people to talk about the site; we want them actively using it to create change. Get challenging, get DoActioning and get saving, people!

It seems DoNation fever is taking over as we’ve already seen people using the site to set up challenges and ask for sponsorship. This includes our intern Xavier who will be trekking across Northern Spain in a few weeks. We’ve also had Will and Bojana complete the biggest challenge to date, cycling 1,748km to Ljubljana. So if you were one of the many doers who supported them, get finishing your DoActions so you can complete the pledged savings of 3,844kg CO2. Good luck with all the challenges and keep them coming!

Now that the party is over and the website is running it is a bit of a strange day in the DoNation office. Don’t worry, we are all still working hard thinking of new ways to make the website a great tool for you to use. Just an odd feeling to have the things we’ve been working busily towards successfully out of the way. So I guess now it’s on to phase two and for me, week two. I’m sure it will be as exciting as the last and we’ll keep you posted every step of the way.

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