Interview with a Doer: Georgie

Featured imageGeorgie Bushe is one of the lovely NONSTOP gals who decided to use The DoNation to raise sponsorship for her latest triathlon. 

We were able to catch up with her now she is all recovered from the race and see how she felt about her race and using The DoNation.

What were you raising sponsorship for?

The Swanage Triathlon.

How did it go?

I hated myself for the duration of the event as it was tough but it was MORE than worth it! The feeling you have during training and the endorphins after the event, as well as the support has been fantastic. (Although Georgie didn’t want to say it herself she finished first in her class during the tri…Go Georgie!)

Why did you decide to raise sponsorship through The DoNation?

Because I thought it was an innovative new way of raising awareness.  My friends have all had to reach into their pockets for me before for other sporting events…and sometimes you can’t ask anymore.  This was a way of getting them to change a little bit of their lives for the good of the world.  I LOVE IT!

How did your friends respond to the request?

One friend has been obsessed with wormery’s ever since!  She gives me a weekly update on how they are getting on and how well her plants are doing from the ‘worm juice’!

How did it make you feel?

It really spurred me on during the triathlon and elped me get through. People definitely needed me to chase them initially with reminder emails and texts to get the initial sponsorship. Once they got going I was told all about how they were getting on and that helped me hugely.  It’s inspired me to do a bigger challenge and tell EVEN more people about it.

Are there any top tips you’d share with someone else raising sponsorship?

To send a second email! Most people read the first email, think it’s a fab idea and  think they’ll ‘do it later’ then forget. If you fire out a second email a week after the first you’ll find you double your sponsorship numbers and in return, save a whole load of carbon!

You can check out Georgie’s sponsorship page here and see what all her wonderful friends pledged, helping her through the race.

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