Something for everyone

Featured imageIn this time of economic, social, and environmental mayhem, you want to help trigger a sustainability revolution. You want to inspire your friends to start doing things a little greener. To act. To show the world that people care. But in an every-day, constructive, proactive kind of a way, rather than dragging them out to form yet another protest-march.

You’ve heard about The DoNation, and like the idea. Maybe you tell a few friends about it.

But what do you do?

You’re not the marathon running type, you don’t see yourself trying a triathlon, cycling to Morocco ‘aint gonna happen, and, well, doing what Mark Wood’s doing is the stuff of your nightmares. So none of the events on our calendar really tickle your fancy.

Fear not! We’ve got plenty more ideas up our sleeves – sponsorship is not just about heroic sporting challenges. So here you go, the product of an entertaining brainstorm session, in a no-frills list format. Be inspired, and do!


  • Organise an event (a tea party, a yoga class, a book club, a gig… anything) and ask for ‘DoActions’ instead of an entry fee – use your ‘challenge’ page as a ticket-reservation system.
  • Volunteer for a local charity or community group and ask for ‘payment’ in DoAction pledges, from the organisation’s members and/or your friends.

Adrenalin-fuelled challenges

  • Bungee jumping
  • Abseiling (perhaps off a wind turbine?!)
  • Fire walking
  • Walk on hot coals

Endurance challenges (ok, there’s a hint of sportiness in these…)

  • Treks
  • Mass participation walks
  • Overseas challenge events

Quirky sponsored events

  • Sponsored shaving/waxing
  • Sponsored silence
  • A 24 hour busk
  • Dress down/mufty days
  • Bathe in baked beans (past their sell-by-date, preferably!)
  • Sponsored car washing
  • Tofu / cracker / marshmallow eating competition
  • A knit-a-thon
  • A bed / car / bus push (get a team to push anything heavy and on wheels through your local town or around the football pitch).
  • Hitch-hike race or challenge
  • Jail break

Or you could even use it to raise support for a personal challenge, like quitting smoking…

(Please note, of course, that we take no responsibility for you doing any of these slightly weird and wonderful things!)

More ideas? Share them! Pop them in a comment below, please.

Hope to see some of you ‘doing’ soon…

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