And he’s off!

Featured imageI’m on expedition, WHOOO!

Earlier today, Mark Wood left the Antarctic base, finally setting off on his solo trek to the south pole, dragging a heavily loaded sled behind him (loaded with 24.8kg of chocolate, that is!).

It’s a pretty big and long-awaited day. And as his sign-off from his latest blog shows, he’s darn excited.

I can already tell that I’m going to get dangerously addicted to following Mark’s progress; I particularly love that in his first audio blog from the Antarctic, recorded 2000 miles from the nearest plug, he said:

“The DoNation is the reason that I’m doing this journey, so that people can follow me and actually put in action to equal what I’m doing here on ice”.

I’m not sure that any of our DoActions, however ambitious and generous, will quite equal Mark’s endeavour, but hopefully collectively they will… Which brings me nicely to his video-plea to you:

And on the video theme, here’s a wee one I made for him before he left, showing a handful of his sponsors and what he has inspired them to do:

We’re all absolutely stoked by the amazing media coverage that his trip’s stirred up (all thanks to Life Size Media’s great work), helping to fulfil his aim of raising awareness on climate change.  But as we all know, awareness is only the first step. Action is the solution.

So go on – get Doing, support Mark. He’s just one day into the trip, and just 5% of the way to his sponsorship target. He’s got a long way to go; help him get there.

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