Good for Nothing

the DoNation planning

It’s 10.30 on Sunday night; I spent the entire weekend in the basement of Fallon on two of the most intensive days of work of my life. I’ve barely slept and I really should be heading to bed. But I just couldn’t help but share the buzz and exhilaration that I’m feeling right now.

For the last two days, The Do Team leapt from being one to fifteen: fifteen energetic, passionate, and talented doers.

It was incredible.

It was Good for Nothing.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I heard that The DoNation had been picked as one of the projects for the #OccupyBlueMonday gig, but I was excited. All I knew was that we’d have a team of ‘doers’ (techies, designers, strategists, copywriters) working freely and openly on our brief for two full days.

To be honest, I was scared. The DoNation is my baby. I’ve been working on it pretty much solo, for two years. To suddenly put it in the hands of fifteen complete strangers, to see them ripping into it, bending, tweaking, stretching and twisting it was going to be a big test for me. To give them space to really innovate and have fun, whilst also making sure that what they created was something that I could practically and feasibly come home and put into action today was going to be a challenge.

But I wasn’t expecting to be so overwhelmed by The DoNation itself.

Day to day I try to keep totally focused on the core to-do list; there’s a huge amount to do, and with a team of one I absolutely have to keep the blinkers firmly focused on the critical chores. I can’t let myself be distracted by exciting big picture.

But on Friday evening, the Good for Nothing team ripped those blinkers right off me. Their ideas, questions, and suggestions reminded just what that big picture looked like; just how overwhelmingly radical The DoNation could become; just how exciting it could be; but also just how huge it could be. And suddenly I felt ridiculously small, standing beneath this gigantic beast, all alone. It scared me.

But as the weekend progressed I realised that I didn’t have to be terrifying, because I didn’t have to be standing beneath it alone. I saw first hand just how much difference it made when there was a talented and committed team working together to develop this nation. It’s set me on more of a mission than ever to secure the funding I need to make sure that the Do Team can grow, so that The DoNation can grow.

The amount that got done over the weekend was phenomenal. Mind-boggling.  I can’t thank the team enough, for the work they’ve done, the solid ‘stuff’* that they created, but also for the encouragement, excitement, and intense motivation that they’ve injected back into The DoNation and me.

You know who you are: thank you.

* “But what is this ‘stuff’?!” I hear you ask… I’ll be revealing all as soon as possible… watch this space.

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