The Brighton Half

pavey smiling

It’s a bit late really, but in time with the announcement of Hannah Pavey being crowned ‘Doer of the Month‘, I thought I’d share a few photos from our trip to cheer her on at the Brighton Half Marathon on Sunday 19th February.

Firstly, a few shots from what should have been the finish line, if the course had not been 500m longer than intended… oopsy!

three runners

And a bit of post run stretching and smiling…

hannah pavey

The treasured, well earned medal…

brighton half medal

And the oh-so-professional DoNation branding… (we’ll get proper tees soon, I hope!)

makeshift donate by doing t-shirt

It was a merry old day. Absoltuely beautiful weather, an amazing atmosphere, and incredibly indulgent fish and chips to wrap it all off.

Pavey did a stirling job at both the run and her sponsorship: raising 30 DoAction pledges in just five days, totalling 1,090 kgCO2 – impressive stuff.

Next year, let’s see even more Doers getting stuck in!

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