Do Tees

the do team before the grim

Our stock of The DoNation t-shirts has dried up and it’s time to order another print run.  And we need your help.

We’ve loved being able to give our super proactive Doers t-shirts to flaunt…

…but you just have to see what our February Doer of the Month wore for the Brighton Half Marathon to see that it’s not happening any more:

Part of the problem has been about the budget. But another part of the problem has been lack of inspiration for what to put on the new tees. You see, I’m no longer that happy with the current slogan – it’s a bit too ambiguous and grates right to the heart of pun-haters (who knew they were so prolific!):

We need a new slogan or design. And that’s where I’d love your help.

We need somthing that makes it more clear that The DoNation is a revolutionary new form of sponsorship or fundraising, and that intrigues people enough for them to go home and check it out.  The tees will mainly be worn by Doers as they train for and do their runs / triathlons / bike rides etc, so the aim of the message is to raise interest from the other folk running or riding behind them.

And to make the Doer feel good.

Some suggestions so far have included:

  • putting the Do into donating
  • cut out the cash
  • donate by doing
  • sponsorship through action, not cash
  • the new sponsorship, putting the Do into donating
  • a new way of fundraising, creating big change without cash

It’s a tough balance – being too ambiguous vs too wordy. 

Any thoughts, suggestions, or designs would be hugely appreciated. Whether it’s just opinions on the above, new suggestions and ideas, offers to mock them up, or even offers to print them off (that’s possibly asking too much!)…

If your design gets chosen, you’ll be sure to get a free tee, and a lot of love.  Send them over to me at or drop them in the comment box below.

NB: The back will also need to include our URL and possibly the twitter handle (@The_DoNation).  It should be one or two colours (probably the blue and green of our logo).


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