Our First Birthday

donations first birthday

Today The DoNation turns one. It’s rather exciting.

It’s hard to believe that a whole year has flown by since our launch party, until I think about all that’s happened since then. Then it suddenly becomes hard to believe that it’s only been a year…

Naturally, it got me thinking and wondering what the highlights of the year have been. I could list many great moments – there’ve been a couple of awards, a few successful funding bids, the joy of working with some amazingly talented people, and being a part of some super interesting rewarding events.

But the real highlight has been seeing The DoNation come to life: hearing feedback from our Doers, seeing successful sponsorship campaigns take off, and watching the totals on the home page climb ever higher.

Reading about their diverse and inspiring challenges and campaigns, from cycling across continents to running through iconic cities, has been inspiring (and envy-making). The real joy has been reading the response from their sponsors…

Whether its seeing their friend’s comments on their sponsorship walls:

comment walls

…reading their tweets:

mark wood tweet

…joining in on Facebook conversations (it’s a bit of a long one, keep scrolling!):

Donopoly facebook thread

…or gathering feedback from the survey (more of which will be coming soon):

“I was in Afghanistan at the time, where potable water is at a premium and we are encouraged to save wherever possible. In addition to 30 second showers, ‘tea-time’ really made a difference with the multiple brews we drink and it spread like wildfire when I explained it to others – to the extent you were chastised for overfilling!”

“It’s really encouraging to get people to make small changes in their everyday life.” – Emma Keller, Berlin Marathon runner

I’m overweight, so any stairs make me out of breath! I always go in lifts but this made me do it for Mark.” – Dawn Turncliffe, sponsoring Mark Wood with Step Up

“It made me feel really good as I had more of a connection with the difference that had been made for the better” – Rachel Xerri, Birmingham half marathon

So refreshing to make a difference through actions rather than money donations.”

Hearing from our Doers has absolutely been the highlight.

And that’s why I’m so excited about meeting many of them in person soon, at our upcoming awards party. Invites to go out shortly… 🙂

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