And the winners are…

DoAwards kicking off!

So after all that hard work, the DoAwards are done! The aim of the night was to meet, celebrate and reward our fantastic Doers and we heard an assortment of stories from some really inspirational Doers.

johnny micheaelI only started at The DoNation this week and so it was amazing to see how many supporters The DoNation has! There was a great turnout and the night went off without a hitch (unless you count Johnny and Michael getting hitched! They asked friends and family to make DoAction Pledges instead of buying wedding gifts and so won the DoAward for the most quirky challenge, receiving vouchers to Jamie Oliver’s Union Jacks restaurant as their prize).

You can check out the full shortlist for each category here and then, if you didn’t get the chance to come to the DoAwards (you definitely missed out!) keep reading to find out who won..

mark woodBefore the DoAwards presentation began, Mark Wood spoke about how he used The DoNation when he attempted to become the first person in history to ski solo the South and North Geographic Poles consecutively, highlighting the threat of climate change. For this, he won the DoAward for most CO2 saved AND for the most extreme challenge and received a Wolf Walk and Beetroot Book vouchers. A huge thank you to him for all his hard work with the DoNation.

green weekImperial College Union used The DoNation to encourage their students to make pledges and so during their Green Week they won the DoAward for the highest number of sponsors… 290 Doers! A massive achievement for which they were awarded Abel & Cole vouchers.

Nick Soucek

Our most committed Doer had to be Nick Soucek, winning TYF Adventure vouchers. His original challenge was 2000 miles across Australia but then he went the extra mile (quite literally) and cycled 50 miles just to get his DoNation T-shirt!

sue armstrong xc trainsSue Armstrong and Gordon Hughes were nominated as Do Heroes for their inspiring dedication to their ‘On Yer Bike’ pledges (come rain or shine!) and won Beetroot Book vouchers for their determination.

Life SizeLast, but by no means least, Life Size Media won the DoNopoly challenge when they went to every landmark on a Monopoly board and took a snapshot at each one. For all that effort, they won a Monopoly board personalised with all their pictures, definitely jealous of that!

cakesA special mention should go to the Tea House Theatre who hosted the DoAwards Party. They were serving a variety of teas and some delicious cakes to go along with it that you just couldn’t help but have more than one of. Also to Jamie Bell and Jules Cross for offering their video and photography skills last night. If you missed the DoAwards Party, you’ll still have the chance to see a lot of it thanks to them!

Thank you again not only to everyone who came but everyone who has supported The DoNation over its first year. We plan to keep expanding and to broaden our focus over the next year but in order for us to be able to do that then you all need to keep Doing, so take inspiration from these winners and get out there and DO something!

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