Global Sharing Day

global sharing day

Excitement is brimming at the office today in preparation for Global Sharing Day. We’ve asked our lovely users to tell us their experiences of the DoAction ‘Start Sharing’, and with Global Sharing Day happening tomorrow, now is the perfect time to do some pledging!

So, what’s all this about?

Wednesday the 14th November 2012, will be the first ever Global Sharing Day. In a world of over-consumption and finite resources, sharing has never been more important.  As Benita Matofska the Chief Sharer at, says:

“Sharing is about being smarter, living smarter, it’s about using the things you have to get the things you need. Global Sharing Day is an opportunity to join the Greatest Share on Earth from 1-2pm millions around the world will be sharing precious resources and having fun sharing time, music and conversation…..” 

As well as saving money, sharing can encourage community participation, flourish relationships and it reduces consumption; therefore reducing our overall environmental impact.

Is it really that easy?

We think it is, yes! But don’t take our word for it; check out these quotes from fellow sharers…

“My friends in California have a semi-annual clothing swap. Now that I’m so far away from them (back home in the UK) their old clothes (that I now love to wear) make me feel closer to them! And, I look super stylish to boot! Incredibly, they look good in my old clothes that I was bored of wearing too :)”  Kirstie Whitaker, who pledged to Start Sharing in support of her friends who cycled all the way from London to Dunwich.

“A couple of weeks ago I had a cheeky (but well-deserved) week away and I borrowed a copy of Silverfin by Charlie Higson from my 10 year old nephew. It was an awesome read but there was something quite ironic as I sat reading the first in the young James Bond series, whilst my husband next to me read his borrowed copy of ‘Shades of Grey’. Slight role-reversal methinks.”  Tracy Currer, Hampshire. Co-founder of

“I shared my camping gear with a friend who’s climbing Mount Kilimanjaro; it gave us a great excuse to have a long overdue catch up when she came around to collect it, and now whenever I snuggle up in my sleeping bag I can enjoy the thought that it has spent a week on the highest mountain in the world!”  Our very own Hermione Taylor who pledged to Start Sharing in support of friends in September 2012

What can I do?

Get involved! On the 14th November from 1pm-2pm people will be sharing things across the globe. Why not have a look at the different events going on near you? From lunches, books and music to clothes, new ideas and expertise…take your pick of what to share!

You can also get involved on an ongoing basis by checking out StreetBank, a site that  allows you to share and borrow things within your neighbourhood. Simply type in your potcode and get sharing!

                                       start sharing

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