Eating Seasonably

eat seasonably

I’ve always considered myself quite a ‘green’ person; I make an effort to switch off lights, shop in charity shops, recycle and walk and use public transport as much as I can. So when it came to supporting the DoTeam (myself included!) by pledging some action, I thought it would be a doddle.

I decided to choose one of the options that I have thought about a lot but admittedly fail to do on a daily basis: ‘Eat Seasonably’ – eating local, seasonal food. I always feel a twinge of guilt when I buy fruit and veg from the supermarket and see that they have been shipped from Spain or Portugal. Now it’s time for me to act on that guilt and really Do something about it!

I’m going to keep a weekly diary over the next two months and will let you know my progress; please comment with your stories and suggestions if you too are trying a new DoAction!

Week 1


So it’s only been one day and I have to admit I’m already worried about where I’m going to get my dinner tonight! Having eaten through all the supermarket bought items in my fridge, I’m down to the bare minimum and need to go shopping! The only problem is… I won’t arrive home until about 7.30 and I think my local fruit and veg shop will be shut; thus the first difficulty of eating locally arises! Maybe I can pop out at lunch time and do my shopping? But that means carrying it all home with me at rush hour on the tube; not fun.

So far I’m thinking that better planning is definitely the way forward!


Hermione suggests I order a veg box – why didn’t I think of that before? The perfect solution to my being so unorganised! I’m now on the hunt for the best bargain.

The first week is over and I have to say it hasn’t been easy. I have to admit I have been cheating a little here and there… but ultimately I have managed to stick to shopping locally. Eating seasonaly, on the other hand has been a little harder. Luckily I have discovered Eat Seasonably which offers some great advice on what food is in season, where to get it, and how to grow it!

How are your DoActions going? We’d love to hear your stories…

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