Introducing Glasgow’s Superheros

paulo big man

All week, and all across the country, educational establishments have been busy getting active and innovative for Go Green Week.

Glasgow Caledonian University have been especially good at raising pledges (over 2 tonnes of carbon savings through small actions).

We caught up with Paulo (A.K.A. Bag Man) to find out what they have been up to…

What have you enjoyed so far?

Being out and about, talking to people about Go Green Week 2013.

What has been the uptake? 

Steady…not sure folk understand the concept of pledges (yet).

What have people been saying about The DoNation?

It’s a cool site and some have said they’ll use it for their own (e.g. to ‘fundraise’ for their first races).

What have you found has helped you get pledges/what’s been successful? 

1-2-1 conversations, followed by reminder cards have been the most successful method for getting pledges.

What have you got planned for the rest of the week?

Quizzes and competitions. Today Eco-Man and Bag-Man (GCU’s Green Superhero) will hit the cafetiria in a last push for pledges. We’ll also launch our ‘Live Without Plastics Challenge’.

Let’s hope they get lots of people pledging Fantastic un-plastic…

Overall it’s been a fab week. Check out how much institutes have pledged to save over the next two months here.

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