Turning off those lights

lights off

We were very excited in the office last week when France announced that they are passing a law which requires all shops and offices to turn off their lights at night. Surely something we should be following in the UK? Is there really any good reason to have them on? Please enlighten me with your comments (and excuse the terrible, though thoroughly intended pun).

In line with this and just in time for 2013’s Earth Hour, we have launched our most simple DoAction yet ‘Lights Off‘ and we are eager to get the pledges rolling in! It seems such a simple way to save energy that it’s almost not worth mentioning. But I was surprised by how few people turn their lights off. During my research I began to take notice of all the lights around me that are left on. From your own home, to the workplace and shops and office spaces around the country, if you take a look around, you will notice that lights are on everywhere. And it really does beg the question of why.

Think about it: £1.9billion a year is spent by UK households on lighting; and avoiding this is at the tips of your fingers 😉 Turning them off, and getting others to do the same, is the big message behind Earth Hour, and we are suggesting you go even further and pledge to do it for two months. Check out ‘Lights Off‘ for our insight.

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