Vegging out for Climate Change

veg out

Aoife lets us know how her quest to cut down her meat intake went…and how people’s faces looked when she explained she was doing it for climate change, not animal rights!

 Aoife ConnaughtonA bit about you:

Name: Aoife Connaughton

Occupation: Sustainability Consultant

Lives: Dublin, Ireland

A bit about your pledge:

Mike Barry started off your DoNation experience by asking you to support him in running his (fast!) half-marathon. What was your initial reaction?

I thought it was a great idea. Like everyone else you can grow tired of constantly be asked for financial donations. The DoNation provides an opportunity to promote behavioural change and educates people as to the impact of their actions.

Which pledge did you decide on?

I chose to reduce my meat intake with Veg Out. I had read about the impact of livestock production on climate change and it seemed like a really easy and tangible thing to do to show my support.

And how did you feel about your achievements at the end of the two months?

Great! I found it very easy to avoid meat and I felt that I was living up the values that I espouse in my job as a sustainability consultant.

Highlight 🙂 

The confused look on people’s faces when you explain that you’re not eating meat because of climate change rather than animal rights as they expect.

Lowlight 😦 

Eating out and being forced to order unimaginative veggie options…

So what impact has The DoNation had on you?

I’ve greatly reduced my meat consumption and changed by purchasing behaviour and attitudes! I now only eat meat occasionally – and only then when I know the source of the meat and how the animals are raised.

Thanks Aoife for a great interview on the impact Doing can have on your life.  Go to Veg Out if you want to find out more about Aoife’s pledge and to get some tips for vegging out yourself!

Image 1 courtesy of Do The Green Thing

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