Fishing for fitness come rain or shine

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The Strongman Run is notoriously tough. Climbing five metre obstacles, swimming through freezing cold pools, running through live electricity cables and wading through mud are just some of the delightful tasks that the lovely FishingForFitness are going to have to contend with. We caught up with them to find out how the training is going.

A bit about you:

Mona, Hana Peters, Salem Jones and Kat RossbergNames: Mona, Hana Peters, Salem Jones and Kat Rossberg

Live: Bonn, Germany

Doer name: Fishing for Fitness

A bit about your challenge:

Why, oh why, have you decided to do this?

M: As soon as I saw The Strongman Run promotional video I wanted to do it!! No ‘dull’ running, only obstacles that were scary and exciting at the same time! A half marathon distance with 30 obstacles that range from mud-robbing, enduring electric shocks to facing ice-cold water. It is so fascinating that over 11.000 people would, CAN do it voluntarily! I couldn’t have imagined myself being able to do it ever, but I needed to try it. So this is my ultimate challenge.
HP: And the idea of training together for such a big race was a big part of the appeal.
KR: For me, it was that I hate sports but wanted to get fit! I knew the only way to get a couch potato like myself up from the sofa was to register for a run that really scares me. Fear is the best motivator 🙂

Since you’ve all come from quite different exercise backgrounds, how have you been training?

KR: We are working closely with a company called Outdoorgym whose aim is to provide sustainable training programmes that get people back to nature. In the beginning we trained for 3 times a week including 2 circle training sessions to build up our core strength and 1 Freestyle session (a 60 minute run through the forest where we occasionally stop to do exercises). Since the beginning of this year we have complemented these 3 training sessions with another 2 individual running sessions.
SJ: The training has been rigorous and at times in -10 degree weather…
HP: … come rain or shine, through snow, sleet, and very dark winter mornings.

Wow, real dedication! (Check out Kat’s blog for the evidence!) What are you most looking forward to during the race?

KR: I am really looking forward to getting muddy! And basically testing out how far we can push our bodies.
M: Fun obstacles like ‘the slide’!

And what doesn’t seem so attractive?

SJ: There is a lot that I can endure, but the thought of 11.000 people wilfully subjecting themselves to electric shock is somehow beyond my comprehension…

What have people said when you’ve told them about what you’re doing?

HP: Usually something along the lines of “…why?” or some combination of admiration and disbelief.

So why did you decide to raise sponsorship through The DoNation?

M: I truly believe that every single action by any individual that changes unsustainable habits does contribute to the substantial change that is needed. Inspiring and awareness-creating pages like the DoNation page are crucial to make this change happen.
HP: We are all working in the field of sustainability and thought that this would be a good way to keep people near and far posted on our preparation for the race. It has also encouraged people to get involved and support us while learning more about sustainable day-to-day actions.
SJ: Also we wanted to get others excited about taking on a personal challenge. Our team is composed of four women working in the not-for-profit sector and we believe there is a lot of change to be made through inspiring others to act.

How are your friends responding your request?

HP: Many are supportive. I think on my end I feel more comfortable asking people for their support in actions rather than money. Some people have even opted to donate several actions – and said they like the flexibility and number of options for donating.
M: Even if not all our friends do it this time, they now know about this and will potentially do it one day themselves. Or at least they’ll have read the options of pledging and thus gained some knowledge about possible changes of habits that have a positive effect on the environment.

Has anyone made any particularly impressive changes?

HP: I do have a friend who has opted to bike several trips in a place where biking is definitely not the most convenient option. And a few have made drastic cuts with food.
M: Someone who I knew as quite lazy, and not a particularly sporty person has decided to cycle instead of taking the tram to work every day. They now prefer it as a means of commuting!
KR: We are happy about anyone who participates, no matter how big the change might be… every little step helps and can lead to long-term behavioural change.

You’re clearly doing a good job in motivating people! What top tips would you give toothers trying to raise sponsorship in this way?

SJ: Positive energy is infectious; creating change through action inspires others to act. I also have some amazing team mates that are quite good at marketing us!
KR: Talk to the people personally. We have been posting the link to The DoNation website on Facebook and other channels. However we got the most pledges by talking to people face to face, explaining the idea in more detail and telling them how much it would mean to us. Then put on your puppy-face and most people will say yes!

Thank you to the fabulous Fishing For Fitness for contributing to a very informative blog. Here at The Do HQ we’re super impressed by their training and enthusiasm – really inspirational. Keep it up team. May the 4th be with you!

If you feel as inspired as we do by Fishing For Fitness, visit their sponsorship page and get pledging!

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