Lag your Loft

lag your loft

It’s not something that you’ll be thinking of right now. It’s spring so you’ll be thinking about baby lambs, daffodils and asparagus. Maybe you’re pondering a cheeky cider in the park. Or whether that red skin will turn to tan. But before winter becomes a (cold) memory, why not think about insulation. More specifically – and seasonally – it’s time to spring clean your attic!

Be the start of an energy efficiency revolution, protecting the planet and your pocket. Now the sun’s out and the days are longer, DIY becomes a distinct and attractive possibility. Lagging your loft is a great place to start as it can be done in a day, regardless of your experience. Just follow these easy steps to become your household’s DIY hero.

Even better, insulating your home is one of the best ways to cut down on the price of bills. You might even be entitled to a discount on the materials and you’ll save around £175 a year.

Stop your bills going through the roof and lag that loft!

#BeTheStart are asking people to pledge to do Lag your Loft as part of their month long campaign. Head over to Be the Start’s Do Page, find Lag your loft under the ‘Featured’ or ‘Home’ categories, then make your pledge.

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