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harriet tap it

I’m an avid water drinker – I gulp down pints of the stuff, cannot eat food without it and wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without a bottle in my bag. It’s surprising really that it has taken me this long to think about buying a reusable bottle. Well, that’s not strictly true. I’ve definitely thought about it before: I’ve thought that the bottles available are too big, ugly or expensive.

After living in London for eight months I’ve realized that bottled water is too expensive (not to mention, environmentally unfriendly) – and my old battered plastic bottle that I reuse is too un-cool and somewhat unhealthy. I decided it was definitely time for me to join the sustainable crowd and purchase a snazzy bottle for keeps. Plus, I’d just pledged to ‘Tap It’ for Be the Start, so I had no excuse.

The one I went for was GiveMe Tap. Whilst I think that restaurants and cafes should provide free water anyway, GiveMe Tap offers the assurance that they definitely will. They collaborate with restaurants and bars to ensure that anyone with a GiveMeTap bottle can ask for free water in their establishment. What’s more, they invest half the price of the bottle you purchase into projects in Africa helping villages get access to clean water.

My bottle and I have been together for over two weeks now and I can safely say the love affair is going strong. I’ve learnt a few things about reusable bottles and thought it only fair to impart my new found wisdom.

Busting some myths:

1. Reusable bottles are heavy and chunky

False! Mine is a lovely design, big enough and incredibly light- I barely notice it’s in my handbag! Clever designers, Ohyo also make slightly quirky looking collapsible bottles, so that you can fold it up and pop it in your pocket once done with it. Smart.

2. You can’t re-fill them on the go

False! I’ve noticed that most places are happy to re-fill it for you, GiveMe Tap sign or not.
Ohyo are also helping this along, especially with their Find a Fountain campaign which aims to increase the number of public drinking fountains whilst also providing a nifty map to find them.

3. Tap water doesn’t taste nice

False! This isn’t just me that thinks so – most people can’t actually taste the difference between bottled and tap water.

4. Reusable bottles are too expensive

False! I definitely thought this to begin with, but no matter which reusable bottle you go with you’re likely to make your money back within a couple of months.

#BeTheStart are asking people to pledge to do Tap It as part of their month long campaign. Head over to Be the Start’s Do Page, find Tap It under the ‘Featured’ or ‘Lifestyle’ categories, then make your pledge.

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