A BIG Green Week

big green week photo

The bathtub, the bikes, the cafetiere, the buzz of busy brains, and the odd wingback chair…

Thirty-three Wadeston Street may not be the most conventional office, but the inside space hums with activity, and none more so than from The DoNation desks!

In what was my first week as the newest member of team ‘DO’, it is safe to say my time so far has been something of a baptism of fire.

So what has that entailed!? Well, starting with interviewing a wonderful Doer, and immersing myself in all things DoNation, it was our trip to Bristol for their ‘BIG Green Week’ that really kick-started things.

Wearing my DoNation tee, my ‘salesmanship’ was immediately put to the test as I attempted to round-up potential pledgers, using the pull of a free Ben & Jerry’s voucher to entice the passing trade!

Perhaps taken by my enthusiasm and unorthodox (rambled) sales pitch, I was able to sway even sceptical folk that pledging DoActions was the way forward. Speaking to couples, students and families, we managed to secure a total of 40 pledges for BIG Green Week, and in doing so (we hope), made many lifelong supporters of The DoNation.

Returning from our fly-by trip, it was back to the office Monday morning, and for me a chance to reflect on the past few days. With all the goings-on at The DoNation, I don’t think I’ve ever been so enthused by a project, the people involved, and the thought of how it may play a part in my own future. Without wanting to jinx all the positivity and good vibes (even the weather seems warmer!), I think I can safely say I’m going to enjoy my summer, infinity bathtub and beyond…

You can still help to tally up those DoActions by making a pledge for Big Green Week here.

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