A Chilly Dip

alex fowler

This month we caught up with the fantastic Alex Fowler, who did the Great North Swim in chilly Lake Windemere. Alex scooped the Doer of the Month award and a year’s supply of Ben & Jerry’s for his efforts. Let’s leap right in…

So Alex, how did your challenge go?

It was good fun, but much colder than expected! I’d been doing most of my training indoors so I really felt the cold out there – it was quite a challenge!

What was the best bit about it?

Definitely the nice cup of tea at the end!

I think we would feel the same! And the worst bit?

I think the worst bit was about halfway round when my legs turned to jelly and the current was quite strong. I started to doubt if I could really do it. But, I remembered all the people who had sponsored me, and my life wouldn’t have been worth living if I hadn’t completed it!

What made you choose The DoNation?

I had heard about The DoNation through a colleague and I just really appreciated the opportunity to do something different.

How did your friends and family react to this different type of sponsorship?

People were really impressed with the site. They like the positive tone and the simplicity of it. People told me they were surprised by how easy some of the actions were once they started doing them.

That’s what we like to hear! So who were your most impressive sponsors?

Some people changed their driving habits when I know that was hard for them – but they’ve actually ended up saving a load on petrol!

Also, even though I work on the 9th floor, everyone in my team is now walking up the stairs each day instead of the lift! That’s pretty impressive!

Wow, we agree Alex! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, we hope you enjoy the ice cream!

Fancy wining a years’ supply of Ben& Jerry’s ice cream like Alex? Sign up for the Dunwich Dynamo and start raising pledges!

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