King of the Compost


A keen foodie but with little composting experience, Stefano vowed to change up his kitchen habits having been inspired by ERM’s DO Challenge. Wanting to motivate colleagues and create a bit of in-house competition, Stefano tells us how he got on…

A bit about you:

Name: Stefano Pennese

Occupation: Consultant in Sustainability Information Solutions, ERM

Currently living: Islington, London

Interesting ‘selfie’ fact: “I once worked in a school in rural Rwanda and taught a class about how they could ‘do their bit’ by starting to collect rubbish from around their village. They were shocked by the amount we collected in 15 minutes, and it definitely changed their behaviour (for at least the rest of the year!)”

A bit about your pledge:

What inspired you to make a pledge as part of the ERM DO Challenge?

“I signed up and pledged ‘Feed the earth‘ (composting food waste) because I thought it was a great way to ‘walk the talk’, and moreover, I thought making a pledge would inspire other people in my team to do the same!”

What kind of things did you start composting which you hadn’t previously?

“All my food waste! I’d never composted any food before, the only thing I did compost was the leaves I’d trim off my garden plants.”

Has composting changed your eating habits? Are you more conscious of food waste?

“We’ve always cooked from scratch rather than buying pre-prepared meals, so we haven’t changed much in that sense. However we have reduced the number of bags we use each month, and our bin is a lot lighter, and is definitely less stinky!”

Have you thought of growing your own vegetables, enriching the soil with your homemade compost!?

“We already grow our own vegetables, but having started composting I’m going to buy a Bokashi system to have high-quality compost!”

What tips would you give to others pledging Feed the earth?

“Keep a little note in the kitchen reminding you to put fruit and veg waste aside. After a few days’ effort it will become a routine, rather than dumping it in the kitchen bin.”

What impact has The DoNation had on you?

“It’s been thought-provoking and has made me even more aware that ‘every little helps’. It also hasn’t taken much to change a habit without compromising our comfort or quality of life.”

If you need any more tips on composting, check out our Feed the earth page, or click here if you fancy making your own pledge for ERM!

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