Car sharing: be part of it.

go car share homepage

We love car sharing.

It’s one of those brilliant examples of why sustainable living that just makes sense, whether or not you are in the climate acopolypse or climate denial camp.

Why? Because it makes getting from A to B easier; it saves you money; it reduces traffic congestion; it helps you meet new people and to build communities. It might introduce you to new music (or bring back memories of some old classics through those dusty in-car cassette collections). And it also saves a little CO2.

Lift share is one of our newer DoActions and so far only a handful of people have made the pledge, yet together they’ve shared 791 journeys saving 5,937kgCO2 in the process. We’d like to see a lot more.

There are quite a few websites out there helping to take hitch hiking into the modern age by using social media and technology to make car sharing easier, safer, and more popular. But we’re particularly big fans of goCarShare (especially now that we’re going to be sharing an office with them in the Wayra Academy) – their site is slick, reliable, and really rather beautiful, plus they offer lots of festival-related perks.

So what’s not to like?

Well, they don’t have an app yet. And their site could do with a few tweaks here and there (oh, how well we know that story!). But you can help!

goCarShare are over half way through an ambitious three-month crowdfunding campaign, aiming to raise £50,000 investment to help them build a magical app and make some of those aforementioned tweaks. It’s a really exciting and rare opportunity to invest in goCarShare, helping to boost the collaborative consumption economy whilst also potentially reaping some benefits of being part of an exciting start-up in a growing market. Just think about AirBnB.

So go on – head over to their Seedrs page to find out more.

If you’re not likely to invest yourself, you can still help – spread the word far and wide. Momentum in these last few days is critical.

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