A triathlete in training

clare payne

Undertaking her first ever triathlon, Clare Payne has been training alongside fellow Doer (and competitor) Heidi Kikoler, in preparation for Hever’s sprint distance event.

As the rest of us are fully basking in the barmy weather of this English ‘Indian Summer’, the temperatures are not as desirable for those sweating it out on lunchtime training runs! Clare gives her version of how things have been going…

How do you think you are doing fitness wise?

“I had a small setback due to an unfortunate bout of the ‘lurgies’! But since then I’ve been back on my feet and running at my fastest times.”

That’s what we like to hear! How are you fitting in time to train?

“I am trying to be clever by getting it done before work, or during lunchtime. It can become a bit humdrum though, so I’ve been mixing it up and making it interesting with going to new locations! The last two bank holidays I did some really good runs along the Isle of Wight coast!”

Have you prioritised running over the other elements (swim and bike)?

“I’ve been concentrating more on the running because that’s the scariest part for me. But next week I’m doing an Open Water swim at Stoke Newington Reservoir and then at the weekend going to Brockwell Park to do one of the 5K Park Runs. I think this will help get me in more of a ‘competing’ mode!”

How are you staying motivated?

“Well, on a recent training ride I did stop off and treat myself to some swanky running socks! It definitely doesn’t hurt to get some proper ‘gear’, I think more so for the mental side of things and knowing you’re taking it seriously.”

And how has sponsorship been going?

“My mum and dad have been really taken by the whole idea and ethos behind The DoNation. I think they’ve pledged about 5 times each! But I’ll be thinking of all those who’ve pledged to support me whilst I’m tackling the course, and probably craving a bag of chips!”

You can get involved by supporting Clare with your own pledge of action here.

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