A pleasure to be pledging…

do pledges

Maria vowed to increase her ‘green’ credentials by tackling a pledge (or four)! But how easy were they to stick at, and have they become ‘lifestyle’ changes…?

maria speightA bit about you:

Name: Maria Speight

Occupation: Managing Editor at Lifestyle Planet

Lives: London

 A bit about your pledges:

Why did you decide to sign up with The DoNation and what pledge did you make?

“I decided to support a challenger named Kerry in her ‘three-week sustainable food themed cycle tour’ (phew that’s a mouthful!) So for two months, I committed to ‘Tea Time’, but ended up adding a few other DoActions to the mix too!”

Good for you! How easy was it to adopt to a new ‘Tea time’ habit?

“Effortless! I’d fill my mug with cold water from the tap and then only boil that much in the kettle. The only irritating thing was that my boyfriend kept reboiling the water after I filled two mugs’ worth for our morning coffee which totally defeated the purpose! I also had a problem with lime scale from the bottom of the kettle that ended up in my tea!”

What other pledges did you make?

“I was so inspired by the ease of saving energy with ‘Tea time’ that I added ‘All Made Up’, ‘Eat up’, and ‘Computer says no’. I’d already been thinking about making greetings cards, and with me and my boyfriend’s anniversary coming up, and Mother’s Day just around the corner, it was the perfect time to start, and see how ‘green’ I could be!”

How did the cards turn out?!

“My boyfriend’s anniversary card looked OK, but my mum’s Mother’s Day card looked awful! I’d been hoarding old greetings cards, coloured paper and bits and bobs, so I had some good materials to start off with, but it was my first time, so it was all a bit of trial and error.”

Sounds like fun though! And how was your ‘Eat up’ pledge?

“Food waste was something I’d been trying to make more of an effort to reduce anyway, but after actually making the pledge I was more conscious of it, and got into a better habit of using leftover veg to create some pretty yummy end-of-the-week soups!”

That’s great! What tips would you give to those wanting to make small changes but are unsure where to start?

“I found that committing to easier pledges were a good starting point (like switching off plugs and boiling the kettle for the right amount). Although my attempts at making my own cards fell a bit short (and I can’t say I’ve made any since), I DO now have a bag of recycled tissue paper taken from various packaging of new clothes etc, which I’ve been using to wrap gifts!”

Have the changes you’ve made gone on beyond the two months?

“Definitely! I was someone who’d always leave the mobile phone and laptop chargers plugged in around the house, and the TVs were constantly on stand-by. I now turn off the kettle, toaster, TV, living room lamps and mobile phone chargers. It is an effort, but I’m glad for the most part that I now remember to do these things!”

What impact has The DoNation had on you?

“I came to realise that saving money and living more sustainably do work well together! And apart from saving pennies, it also made me think about other ways I could save around the home.”

That’s what we like to hear! If you’d like to make a pledge, find someone to support here.

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