Resolutions for giving

resolutions for givingAs Harriet nicely addressed in her blog last week, there seems to be a growing sense of “Stuffocation” this Christmas. Do we really need, or even want, so much stuff for Christmas this year?

If your answer is no, then I propose, in true The DoNation style, that we stop talking about it so much and start doing something about it.

Make a pledge to give more sustainable, ethically sourced, hand-made, or up-cycled presents this year. Register your pledge here and help us to build a movement of people celebrating a more thoughtful Christmas.

Some of our favourite yuletide DoActions are…

All made up: give homemade gifts.

all made upFrom jam to mix-tapes (ok, mix-playlists…), knitted scarves to home made Christmas cards. Home made things are so often the best.

Start sharing: lend borrow and share your stuff this year.

start sharingPerhaps you could share your favourite book with your mum instead of buying her a new copy, or lend your dad your drill instead of buying him one (the average drill is only used for 12 minutes of its life anyway – nuts!).

Do more: give an experience, not stuff.

do moreWhy not sign a friend up to a run or cycle challenge to help them kick start 2014 in sporting style? (how about the Brutal10?!).

Fashion passion: dress yourself (or your loved ones) thoughtfully.

fashion passionClothes, bags and jewellery are classic and much-loved gifts, but they don’t have to cost the earth. Buy ethically sourced clothes and accessories this year.

Fantastic un-plastic: avoid excessive packaging.

fantastic unplasticIf you’re going out to battle the crowds in the shops this Christmas, don’t forget to take some reusable bags with you.

Make your pledge

Or, if you really want to help lead the change, how about asking friends and family for action instead of presents this year? Last year MariaPe raised 11 pledges, worth almost a tonne of carbon, instead of receiving Christmas presents.

Why not follow in her footsteps and start asking for DoAction pledges of your own, asking your friends and family to pledge to do something for you this Christmas? Think of it as doing them a favour, helping them to kick-start their New Year’s Resolution a little early…

To ask for action, head to your profile page and click ‘Start Raising DoActions’ – it takes just a couple of minutes to set up your very own Do page.

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