Audit Scotland and Do Nation – a New Year’s Challenge

Audit Scotland Page on Do Nation

Audit Scotland used Do Nation with the aim of getting their employees on board with their carbon management plan. They built their campaign around New Year’s resolutions and throughout January 129 pledges were made by 56 employees – that’s 22% of their workforce.

Audit Scotland Stats trio

Challenges (The Why)

Audit Scotland are a medium sized company with 250 employees spread across Scotland. They were looking for a way to actively engage their employees in their ambitious carbon management plan. They knew having their employees engaged and bought in was key to achieving their targets and wanted a solution that was fun as well as delivering environmental impact.

The Solution – New Year’s Resolutions

They set up a ‘Pro’ campaign on Do Nation where Audit Scotland staff were able choose from our list of actions and make their pledges, choosing how to contribute to the overall carbon saving effort. They used the theme of New Year’s Resolutions to encourage staff to pledge to do simple actions throughout the month of January. Carbon savings from each action were immediately measured and their pledges shared publicly on the page.

Employees pledged to do actions like running into work, driving smarter or using less plastic reducing their environmental impact both in the workplace but also outside of it.

Audit Scotland example pledges

The online nature of the Do Nation platform meant that regardless of where Audit Scotland employees were, whether out visiting clients they were able to be involved and pledging. Perfect for an organisation whose employees spend much of their time on the road.

Results and future plans (The Impact/Results)

Through January, 131 pledges were made by 56 employees – that’s 22% of their workforce, an impressive feat given how widely spread Audit Scotland employees are. Of these 131 pledges, 71% were confirmed to have been completed over the two months.

How did you get on with your pledge?
Audit Scotland Case Study on new template Google Docs

All these pledges added up to make a pretty big difference. Together, their actions led to a confirmed saving of 1,976 kgCO2 over the two months. 60% of successful Doers plan to continue their new habits in the long term, resulting in 9 tCO2 being saved per year. That’s the same amount of carbon as emitted by 21 flights from Glasgow to New York.

1Audit Scotland Case Study on new template Google Docs

But beyond the carbon savings we were able to put the combined impact of the Audit Scotland program into more meaningful statistics to help employees see how big their combined impact was:

2Audit Scotland Case Study on new template Google Docs

What people at Audit Scotland said about their pledges

Audit Scotland Quotes

Want more?

If you have any questions on what we’ve done with Audit Scotland or want to know more about Do Nation you’ve got a few options:

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