Earth day

Metro articalTuesday was a pretty exciting day here at The DoNation. Thanks to Metro UK, people were reading and talking about us all over the country.

But what really mattered was that people were putting action behind those words, making pledges for Earth Day. After all, action is what we’re about.

Our partners did an awesome job spreading the word – the Life Size Media girls took on team pledges around the office, Ecotricity made us ‘partner of the week’, and Start went mad on Twitter – telling anyone and everyone to MAKE A PLEDGE!

So a big thank you to all that took part and spread the word, we love you guys. Here’s a snapshot of what you achieved, together:

54 chickens worth of meat saved by people pledging Veg Out

1089 flights of stairs climbed by people doing Step Up

138 cups of tea brewed more efficiently by people doing ‘Tea time’

2.7 tCO2 saved, the same as emitted by driving from London to Timbuktu and back!

You can still make a pledge for Earth day here – after all, it needn’t be just the one day!

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