Sitting down with our pledgers

cyclistWe asked our pledgers to give us the ins and outs on how they’re getting on with their pledges and what advice they would give to others. A special thank you goes out to everyone who participated in our interview! If you have been quietly contemplating about this pledging business, here is our insider’s approach on simple behaviour change.

Our post features Samson Abioye and Chris Gerrard, who tell us what it’s like to shake up their commute routine and the benefits of enjoying the outdoors. With the weather becoming increasingly accommodating and the daylight lingering longer, skipping down the pavement and smelling the flowers is now perfectly permitted behaviour, and, it’s good for the environment too.

Which pledge did you choose and why?

Samson: Drive smartly and walking from work to home twice a week covering 12 miles in the process.

Chris: Cycle to work – best carbon contribution plus [I can get] fitter.

Tell us a bit about how it’s going: are you enjoying it? Or can you not wait for it to finish?!

Samson: I am really enjoying the walking, as it’s doing my body a world of good; I am planning to carry on walking through all spring and summer.

How do others react to you doing your pledge?

Samson: Supportive and some are talking about joining in the fun of walking as well.

Chris: They say it’s about time!

In what ways might your life have changed as a result of your pledge? Be it dramatic, or not so dramatic…

Samson: The walking is good for me and I love it; I can’t measure fuel savings from my smart driving yet!

Chris: Hopefully I’m a bit fitter, and I can be holier than thou.

Are there any tips you’d give to people doing the same pledge as you?

Samson: Just start and possibly check the weather; the impact on your health will be dramatic.

Chris: Just focus on each day at a time and before you know it you’ll have done it for a while and it will be second nature.

Do you reckon you’ll carry on with your pledge after the two months is up?

Samson: Yes, I will go on until the weather permits.

Chris: Yes, definitely.

And just to check that you’ve still kept your sense of humour in the process of the pledges… what is your favourite joke?

Chris: What’s Amy Winehouse’s favourite tube station? High Barnet.

Samson: I will let others be the judge of that!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how you’ve been getting along with the pledges! Email Katie to let us know.

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