Photo challenge

do good for business homepageIn case you hadn’t heard, we’re about to unveil a brand new site for Do Good for Business.  If you fancy seeing some of your photography on our shiny new homepage, keep reading.

Over at Lobster they’re hosting a photo challenge on our behalf, and it’s all about sustainability. The winner will not only be a part of our brand spanking new website, they’ll also get an eco goodie bag.

Lobster is an amazing site where you can take the creative content you upload everyday on Instagram and Flickr, and make it available for people buy. This means that people can use your images without stealing them.
We’d love to see your photos around the workplace of people doing sustainable actions. Of you, your colleagues and friends recycling, switching your computers off or maybe even commuting to work.

It’s super easy to do, just follow this simple guide:

1. First, register with Lobster and connect it with your Instagram and/or Flickr (don’t worry only the photo’s you’ve tagged with #ilobsterit will be shared on the site)

2. Next, tag your photos. Add the #ilobsterit tag for them to be added to the marketplace, and then add any of the following tags #greenoffice, #sustainability and #behaviourchange to enter the competition for our new header image.

3. Upload as much content as you like, you’ve got until the 4th of August, and we might also buy more photos that we like.

In doing so, you’ll not only be helping us to create an even more beautiful new site, but you’ll also be helping our fellow Wayra start ups, Lobster. So please, get uploading and get sharing!

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