Hever Triathlon 2014!

Hever TriathlonOnce again we’re here in Hever Triathlon season and once again we heroically attempt to do what few men(or women) dare to do: partake in a triathlon.

Now with new blood in the midst of our ranks, we again seek to conquer this challenge. At the helm of The DoNation team is our glorious leader Hermione Taylor who will start the race with a 400m open water swim followed by Jesy who will be peddling 20km on her spanking new bike. Last but not least, Martin our tech expert will be crossing the finish line after an 4km run. Last year’s veteran, Harriet is opting out of this round after making the tough choice between the triathlon and a pampering weekend spa. Oh, the intern will just be at the side lines cheering the team on, because he’s not getting paid enough do any physical exertion.

We had a great run last year, saving enough carbon to offset 19 London to Sydney flights from our triathlon programme alone. This year we are looking to out do ourselves – with your help that is! We already have a great line up of veteran runners and first timers seeking sponsorship through our programme.

We would LOVE to see you there – so get yourself signed up pronto! You can brave the whole thing or join the Do Team and relay it with some friends. Just drop us an email at team@WeAreDoNation.com to get the info and support you need.

Remember, the person who raises the most sponsorship will WIN a year’s supply of Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream! Hmmm a handy way to gain back the weight you lost training for the triathlon…

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