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It might look like we’ve been pretty quiet here at Do Nation lately, but that’s far from true. In fact, we’ve rarely been busier.

We’ve just taken a bit of a shift in focus. Or a ‘pivot’, as they say in start up land.

I’ll explain…

Over the last three years of running Do Nation, we’ve focused primarily on the ‘Donate by Doing’ model – using the power of people, their head-turning challenges, and their social networks to inspire change on scale. For many people, it’s been incredibly effective at mobilising their friends into action – just browsing through our Doers of the Month is testament to that. And each year when we run our social impact report, we’ve been staggered by the number of people sticking to their pledges for one, two, even three years. And so we know that the idea works.

But I’ll be honest – we haven’t reached the scale we’d have liked. I was fairly naïve when I started about how much money was needed to build and hone and market something like this.  Whilst momentum has been steadily building with our user base growing and our impact strengthening, it’s never really skyrocketed.

But thankfully, we had a plan.

After running a few pilot business programmes, where companies used our web platform to engage their employees in saving energy, we realised that we had struck on something. Working with businesses not only allows us to earn some of that magical stuff called money, to spend on marketing, developing and tweaking our site, but it also enables us to reach many more people. And reaching more people means making more impact.

And so over the last few months we’ve been working hard on developing a brand new site designed specifically for businesses. And finally, it’s ready to unveil: wearedonation.com.

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We’re pretty excited about the potential of this new site, we have hopes and plans abound for where we can take it, and have got some great companies signed up already. But if we’re going to achieve these hopes and plans before 2020 hits us, we need a bit of a cash injection to fuel the growth.

We talked to a few investors, and then talked to a few of our users, and mused on our ideals, values and vision for Do Nation. It quickly became clear that the natural choice was going to be crowdfuding: allowing you all, our users and supporters, to be our investors.

And so that’s the second thing that’s been keeping us busy. We’re lining up all the details and look to be launching an equity crowdfunding campaign later this month. So, to be the first to hear how you can be part of our story, make sure you’re signed up to our mailing list.

What does this all mean for Donate by Doing? Fear not, we’re not going to shut it down. But for now, it’s running itself; we’re here to support users when they need it, but our time and energy are dedicated to making Do Good for Business fly.  Once that’s flying then we’ll have a stronger platform from which to take Donate by Doing to scale.

So more than ever we’re now dependent on you – our friends, fans, and doers – to spread the word, to take part in crazy challenges in order to inspire your friends to pledge DoActions. To get more and more people raising sponsorship on The DoNation and, together, building a Nation of Doers.

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