In my first ever march

Harriet and EliottIn my first ever march, I took to the streets yesterday with 300,000 other people around the world to show government that we needed action on climate change – now.

Aside from the sheer numbers, inspiring speeches and colourful costumes the one thing that struck me was the hashtag ‘fortheloveof‘.

Yesterday, people carried banners with the hashtag ‘fortheloveof’ and showed the world what this march meant to them: ‘my grandkids, wolves, our future, Devon, bluebells, wildlife & wild places, food’… the list goes on. This march was not simply about clean energy, saving the bees, sustainable fashion or fracking – it was about all of those things rolled into one.

march for climate change

It struck me just how emotionally involved in climate change we all are. The very nature of climate change renders it incredibly varied – it touches almost every corner of our life, thus furthering the need to act.

We’ve shown government that we need change and let’s hope they listened to us yesterday. But we cannot simply just sit and hope, we must continue to push and to demand for more, and we can start by doing things for ourselves.

As I look to tomorrow and the UN summit, I do hope that something tangible will be achieved. But my slightly cynical-self doubts it will be. I am instead pouring my faith into the people, into the hope that we can and willact as individuals. As Desmund Tutu conveyed so powerfully in his recent Guardian article ‘My successes and my failures are bound up in yours. We are made for each other, for interdependence. Together, we can change the world for the better.’

What did you march for yesterday? And how will you ensure you protect those things you love? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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