Introducing the “How To Nation”

morter board hermioneLearning is a good thing. We all like to learn.

Thankfully we’re learning all the time here at Do Nation – learning from our clients and our users as much as anything.  Whether it’s how to run a good employee engagement programme, how to choose the right green team leaders, or how to keep momentum rolling over time, we thrive on the tips that we pick up along the way.

Sharing is also a bloomin’ wonderful thing.

And so we thought we’d start a regular blog sharing some of our latest lessons from the land of Do. I hope it’ll prove useful.

We decided to kick off this ‘How To Nation’ series with the all-important question of timing: in Launch it like a Rocket I delve into the best times to launch your employee engagement programme (with a few too many bad space analogies…).

If you have any burning questions around sustainability and employee engagement, or any tips you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you. Just email Nick or comment below.

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