Ten tips on behaviour change – keeping it brief


Last month, I hosted a session for Bristol Big Green Week where I covered ten tips for running a successful behaviour change campaign. It was a big success (I think).

I had been pretty nervous that people would regret getting out of bed early only to hear me rambling through a list of things that were second nature to them. But thankfully, I think my fears were unfounded. It seemed that people found the tips genuinely useful (and, at times, even a little amusing).

So I asked Nick to write them up into a quick blog that we could share out later that day.

The draft he sent me was well over 1,500 words, more than three times our target blog length. “Nick! Cut it down!” I heard myself pleading on first glance. But as soon as I started reading, my frustration shifted: “You cut that joke out?! You missed out a valuable tip! What about that resource?”

Ah, it seems that we had a lot more to say than I realised. It was just too much for the constraints of a blog.

So we decided to try something new, and turned it into a fully-fledged report.

You can download it here.

I hope you agree that it was worth sharing. As always, any feedback much appreciated.

(Bam! This blog is a mere 224 words. #Winning).

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