New Do Action: Off Peak

washing machine

Last week I discovered that laundry forums not only exist, but that they are filled with people who find the concept of leaving damp clothes sitting in the washer an ‘amusing topic’.

Why, you might ask, was I trawling through the niche depths of the internet? While I may have found it an enlightening insight to people with too much time on their hands, the real purpose was so I could bring you our latest Do Action, Off peak.

Off peak is all about using energy at ‘off peak’ times, such as doing your laundry or dishes at night. With the threat of blackouts this winter just coming to light, pledging Off peak could be the best way to take the strain off of those peak energy hours, and help keep the lights on this winter.

That’s not all. Pledging to wash your clothes or dishes at night can help organise and save time in your daily routine. It could even potentially save you money.

Wondering how doing Off peak is better for the environment? You can read more about it here.

“For those newer to the laundry forum, an ‘overnighter’ is someone who leaves a wet load of clothes in the washer overnight. It has proven to be a rather amusing topic of discussion in the past.”

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