Cheesed off

Plates of vegan food

Since we began to mull over our new Do Action, ‘Cheesed off’, that promotes part-time veganism we’ve been keeping our eyes out for mentions of all things vegan in the news. Boy did we hit the jackpot. So much so that I had to put together a list of some of the surprising things you might not know about veganism.

  1. The old stereotype has down vegans as being frail, pale and unhealthy. Instead we discovered a growing trend of vegan athletes and bodybuilders – check out this great metro article.
  2. Samuel L. Jackson has gone vegan.  Yes the actor of Pulp Fiction and Marvel fame has credited his new vegan diet for transforming his health after surviving a blood clot.
  3. Veganism could actually leave you smelling nicer as one PA reporter found out during her one month vegan challenge.
  4. We also discovered a vegan rockstar – John Joseph has gone from living the traditional rock n’ roll lifestyle to life as vegan athlete competing in triathlons. All whilst still lead singer in a punk band, of course.
  5. A more sobering one here: our consumption of animal products contributes to more than one-quarter of the water footprint of humanity. The water needed to produce feed for livestock is the major factor behind the water footprint of animal products. With increasing water scarcity, cutting down on the meat and dairy that we eat is a great way to reduce our water usage.

If this has you tempted to learn more about being a part-time vegan, check out Cheesed off, our latest Do Action now.

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