Cycle to Paris for COP21

Cycle to Paris

In case you haven’t heard, something big is happening in Paris this December. It involves world leaders, global media, multinational corporates, grassroots activists, late night debates, and very big conference halls. And hopefully some earth-changing decisions.

It could also involve you.

Let me explain…

Until recently, unless you work in climate policy, there was no real way that you could get involved in the Paris COP. The only ways you could hope to influence the decision makers were through signing yet another petition, turning up at a march, or running for President.

But I see another way. Two other ways, in fact:

1. Cycle to Paris.

Or walk / run / skip there, if you’d rather.

100’s of people are going to be cycling to Paris for COP21, from all over Europe, as a fun, fossil-free, and slightly chilly way of showing just how much they care about cutting carbon.  (More on joining a ride below).

To add to the impact, they’ll be asking friends, family and colleagues to support them through making pledges on Do Nation – pledges to make simple changes, like eating less meat, cycling to work, or turning the thermostat down a notch.

Which brings me onto the second way you can take part…

2. Support the cyclists, make a pledge.

Actions, someone said, speak louder than words. So pledge to support one of the riders by doing a Do Action and the impact will be threefold:

  1. Your action will have a direct impact (and we’ll measure it for you!): carbon emissions, health, fitness, water, waste, finances, and general superhero stud status.
  2. You’ll make a cyclist happy. Your pledge will make the pain of cycling through winter wind and drizzle feel that little bit more worthwhile, that little bit less crazy.
  3. You’ll help us show that the people care, and that they care enough to act themselves. If we can get 1,000’s of people pledging, that could create a pretty strong message to send to decision makers – a message far stronger than names on a petition.

Find someone to support here (The Do Team would be a great choice…!), then make your pledge.

Dunwich dynamo crew

  1. Sign up to a ride.

Decide which ride you want to take part in (perhaps you’ve already done this), and sign up. While you’re at it – why not get some friends on board to ride with you?

Here are a few options:

Bristol to Paris: 26th – 29th November, arriving in Paris for the Climate March on Sunday 29th (40 – 70 miles / day).

London to Paris: 6th – 10th December, organised by Time to Cycle, stopping to run climate workshops en route (c. 40 miles / day) 

London to Paris: 9th – 11th December, joining 100’s of other riders for a mass cycle in Paris on Saturday 12th (c. 60 miles / day) (We’re doing this one!)

Edinburgh to Paris: 28th November – 10th December, joining Time to Cycle in London. (c. 60 miles / day)

Copenhagen to Paris: 14th November – 5th December, offering the chance to join for just a leg or two if you’d rather (30 – 50 miles / day)

Incredibly, people are also running to Paris. From the Pole. And you can join them (for some of it..).

Know of any other rides that we should include? Please share details in the comments below.

2. Create a campaign on Do Nation. 

We haven’t launched the free, public version of Do Nation yet, but we’re giving early access to it to anyone who’s cycling to Paris for COP. Fill in this short form and we’ll get you set up.

3. Ask your friends to support you.

This is the fun bit. Tell everyone about your ride and ask them to get behind you, supporting you with a simple, personal action.

4. Start training and RIDE!

Ok, I lied… this is the fun bit.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the ride, please just drop us a line.

snow and bike

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