October’s Spook-tacular new features.

A Do Nation pumpkin and the London skyline

Ok, so there isn’t anything especially scary about Do Nation – but bear with me, it’ll be fun I promise.

While we took a break to carve ourselves a Do Pumpkin, we made lots of changes and improvements that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Less and more helpful emails

One haunting issue that we’ve faced is that when supporters do something good, in this case making lots of brilliant pledges at once, our system has reacted by bombarding them with emails – one for each pledge they made. Not ideal.

With our latest release we’ve combined these – if you make multiple pledges we’ll roll all the emails into one. Happy days.

We’re now delivering bitesize chunks of that info straight into your inbox. Our Do Action pages have always been a goldmine of information and guidance on completing your pledge and I’ve been slaving away in my laboratory (or office as it’s more frequently called) to turn these into useful tips.

Each of the four emails during your two months of pledging will have a tip or bit of motivational info to help you get over the line and get that pledge done.

A pledge update email with tips to help pledge success

Find the campaign you want to support with ease

As the number of campaigns on Do Nation grows rapidly, it’s  ever more important that we make it quick and easy for you to find the campaign you want to support, not leaving you rooting round page after page like a trick or treater searching for their favourite chocolate.

So we’ve introduced search. Novel.

Simply start typing in the name of a person, organisation, challenge, Do Action or team into the search bar in our header and you’ll find them in seconds.

Do Nation Search box - find the campaign you want to pledge and support

A brand new personal hub just for you

Each of our users’ profile pages have been transformed into a hub to show all of their interactions with campaigns on Do Nation, whether as a supporter or raiser of pledges. You’ll also be able to see your own personal pledges, how far through you are and who you supported with them.

If you’re part of an organisation using one of our professional programmes, you’ll also see a wealth of information about your businesses campaign here including:

  • Supporter and pledge numbers
  • CO2 Pledged
  • A link to your reporting dashboard (if you’re the programme owner)

Your profile - see your organisation, campaigns and pledges

Coming soon

That’s October done and out, but there’s plenty more soon once our Halloween costumes are put away for the year. In this next month or so, watch out for some of these:

  • Free tier campaign creation, soon you won’t need our help to get your campaign live. If you’d like to beta test this – get in touch with us.
  • We’ll soon be able to support video (both Vimeo and Youtube) on your organisation and team pages. Giving you even more options to bring life to your campaign.

As always we love hearing your feedback on our new features – so let me know what you think about them or anything else you’d like to see us add via email to Nick@WeAreDoNation.com.

One thought on “October’s Spook-tacular new features.

  1. I don’t really want to do a pledge but I would like an option to put forward an idea or recommend somebody elses that has impressed me


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