15 things we did in 2015


2015 has been a pretty big year for us at Do Nation. After reflecting over an excellent festive lunch at Hackney City Farm, here are the highlights from the team:

 1. Hermione gave her first TEDx talk, sharing the idea behind Do Nation – check out the full video.

22504000714_33c954cf50_oPhoto from Charlie Round-Turner Photography and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

 2.We ran programs with some pretty amazing clients like innocent (whose program went incredibly smoothiely), Siemens, and many more.


 3. Our plan for world domination kicked in as we ran our first international programme with Informa.

Informa international program

 4. We relaunched what used to be Donate by Doing onto the main site as a new and improved free tier. For people wondering how you could use Do Nation it’s a great way to test it out. Whether you want to take on a new challenge or want to give it a try in your workplace, it’s the place for you.

CampaignCreateDo Nation

N.B. if you had an account on the old site, you’ll be ported over and have an account on the new one, keep an eye out for an update in your inbox soon.

 5. ….Oh and we cycled to Paris. To celebrate the relaunch, we along with a bunch of friends cycled to Paris in time for COP21 raising pledges along the way. Together we raised over 600 pledges – High Five!

 6. We were over the moon to win the App of the Year award at The Business Green Technology Awards 2015.


 7. We spent quite a bit of time mapping out what the future of Do Nation looks like up to 2018. Answer: bloody exciting.

badges and stickers

 8. The Do Team has grown 50% thanks to some stellar recruits.


 9. We can’t claim credit for this, but the fact that negotiators at COP21 successfully reached an agreement is a pretty huge moment in our year.


 10. We built a new blog to host all of our musings in one place. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading!

Do Nation blog

 11. We rebuilt all of our pledge emails, not only will you get one email for a set of pledges now (saving us from filling your inbox up) you’ll also get useful tips and advice to help you complete your pledges. That’s four tailored pieces of content for each of our 46 Do Actions – we hope they help!Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 16.32.52.png

 12. We redesigned our Do Action pages to make them look as beautiful as the rest of our site, while still being a goldmine of hints, tips and advice to help you complete your pledge.

Clean your bills   Switch to a green energy supplier   Do Nation

13. We grew our number of users by 80%, giving us the chance to help many more people try a something new and sustainable.


 14. We’ve always been big fans of data so as you’d imagine we had been looking for ways to allow clients to dig into the impact of their programs. As a result dashboards were born – giving you access to all the data you could possibly need about your Pro or Plus program.

Impact Stats   Informa DashboardDo Actions   Informa Business Dashboard

 15. All of this was only possible thanks to your support throughout our crowdfunding campaign and beyond. We wouldn’t be where we are now without you!

martin with champagne

In the meantime it’s a happy holidays from us, we can’t wait to see you for even more adventures in 2016.


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