Doers of the month for December 2015 – Libby Peake and Heather Mack, cycling to Paris for COP21

This is a bit of an extra special Doer of the month blog for us, as not only do we have two users (one rolled over from November), but they were also two of the cyclists who joined us on our London to Paris ride for COP21.

Libby Peake and Heather Mack raised an impressive 45 and 48 pledges respectively saving a potential 6 and a half tons of CO₂. Way to go!

I spoke to them both about why they each chose to take up the challenge of pedaling to Paris.

Libby ‘As an environmental journalist, I read and write and think about climate change and the incompetence of the powers-that-be a lot, and quite often find it difficult not to get too depressed about the state of the world. So, I decided to cycle to Paris for COP21 as part of a clear call to action. I’d been thinking about ways to raise awareness amongst my family and friends and was just getting to the point where I was looking for an environmental charity to raise funds for when I got Hermione’s email about Do Nation — which sounded perfect. I knew that cycling to Paris in winter wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but loved the idea that I could get those around me to come along with me in spirit, and to also be constructive by taking small actions of their own.’

Libby’s campaign.

Heather – ‘I work in fundraising so I get really bored of asking people for money. Having a platform to ask people to make environmental pledges made it so much easier. I’m now using Do Nation for a New Year’s resolution campaign, to encourage people to cut down on meat and dairy in their diets.’

Heather’s campaign

What does it mean to be a doer of the month?

We really like to celebrate our most enthusiastic and inspirational Doers. So each month, we reward the person or team who collects the most pledges on our free tier with a year’s supply of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!

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