Ten tips to run a green week that delivers real impact

Ten tips to run a green week that delivers real impact-1.png

At the beginning of March we hosted a breakfast event at the wonderful Popup Patio, sharing our ten tips to help maximise the impact of your company’s sustainability week.

We were encouraged by the response to the event and, following the success of our behaviour change report, have written up our presentation into a new report sharing our tops tips to help your green week deliver real, lasting change.

Whether it’s Earth Day, Climate Week, Fairtrade Fortnight, or a healthy living month, we’ve seen that they can all be effective at raising awareness of sustainability within your business, engaging staff, and ultimately, embedding change in the long term – if done right.

The idea of nailing all ten tips in one go may be a little intimidating – but fear not. Depending on your size and resources, pick and choose those that are most relevant and realistic for you. As a poster in our office states, “perfection is the enemy of progress” – better to do something and to learn from it than to do nothing.

You can download it here.

I hope you agree that it was worth sharing. As always, any feedback much appreciated.

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