June’s Priority Do Actions

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Each month, we update the priority Do Actions for all our Free tier campaigns (Pro users can pick and choose their own priority Do Actions, of course).

Here’s what we thought would be most apt and impactful this month.

Eat seasonably


At long last, strawberries can be a guilt-free pleasure! Locally grown, fresh from the farm – what’s not to like?  And fresh peas and broad beans are prime seasonal greens.

It’s a great time to make an effort to eat seasonably; why not order a veg box direct to your door through Riverford Organic?

Pledge to Eat seasonably now.

Tap it


It’s getting hot out there. Whether picnicing or commuting, you’re likely to want a slurp of water to keep you cool. Make an extra effort to take your reusable bottle with you, saving plastic and cash.

Ask nicely and a local cafe will usually fill it up for free too. We particularly love Give Me Tap’s bottles – for every one you buy, they provide clean water to someone in Africa for five years!

Pledge to Tap it now.

Feed the earth


Summer = salads. And whilst salads are delicious and healthy, they are also one of the first things to go off in your fridge, making up for a huge chunk of our near criminal food waste.

This June, pledge to start composting. Turn your soggy salads into worm food, fuel for next year’s rocket and tomatoes. Whether or not you have a garden, these composting tips should be handy.

Pledge to Feed the earth now.

Game off


While the sun is shining, turn off the screen and go play outside.

Strictly speaking, this one is for gamers. But I used a bit of artistic license – I haven’t played a computer game in years, but spend far too much time on Facebook and aimlessly browsing the web. So I pledged to cut it down by 30 mins a day, spending that time strolling along the canal or hitting a ball about instead.

Pledge to do Game off now.

Fish food


Heading to the seaside for some fish and chips? Yum.

Be sure to ask where and how the fish is caught – unless customers start asking, the sellers have little incentive to source sustainably.

Use the MSC’s listing of MSC certified seafood restaurants and fish & chip shops, or the Good Fish Guide to help you navigate the murky waters of sustainable fishing.

Pledge to do Fish food now.


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