World Environment Day: your chance to shine

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Do you want to show your staff that you care about your organisation’s environmental impact?

Do you want to help your employees to improve their health and wellbeing?

Are you frustrated by the struggle to encourage colleagues to start recycling, without being labeled as a raging eco-warrior?

Or do you simply want to reduce your organisation’s energy bills and travel costs?

Do Nation is here to help.

World Environment Day is fast approaching – the UN’s biggest day for positive environmental action.  Let’s use it to raise awareness and measurable action amongst your employees.

Create a campaign on Do Nation around World Environment Day, ask your colleagues to make their own pledges – to do simple things from cycling to work, turning off lights, or recycling better. We’ll do the rest of the work, making sure that simple pledges around the day itself turn into habits that stick, rather than fizzling into the pile of forgotten good intentions.


Read our case study of how innocent drinks used Do Nation to engage 62% of their staff in sustainability, improving employee pride, wellbeing, and health in the process.

WED falls on Sunday 5th June, but action in businesses will be kicking off on Monday 6th, carrying on through the following weeks.

You can create a basic campaign for free, or sign up to our new Pro tier, unlocking our full range of features (think impact data, customised campaigns, and team leaderboards).

We’re running an introductory offer with Pro subscriptions at just £1 / employee / month (more details below).

To sign up, simply create your Free campaign here and we’ll guide you through upgrading.

Not only will you be leading a great example within your business, you’ll also be helping to support an ambitious social enterprise progress towards our mission of making sustainable living mainstream. Hell yeah!

(Any questions? Just drop us a line).

The beloved small print:

  1. When you subscribe to Pro, you will be asked to upload email addresses of your employees, so we can create holding accounts for them. You will be charged for each holding account, whether or not they activate their account and make a pledge. (We set it this way for a few reasons: 1. to avoid reverse incentives, encouraging you to get as many people on board as possible; 2. to give you clarity on what your bill will be each month; 3. to make the user experience for your employees as smooth as possible. We always welcome your feedback and thoughts though, so let us know what you think). 
  2. We will invoice you at the end of the month, either taking payment by credit card or BACS, with 15 days payment terms.
  3. Your invoice will be calculated using this simple formula: subscription fee = £1 x # of accounts on your account during that month.
  4. Prices subject to 20% VAT, which isn’t included in the price above.
  5. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Your subscription will run until the end of that billing month, when your final invoice will be issued and your campaigns downgraded to the Free tier.
  6. As part of the introductory offer, we would appreciate feedback from you wherever relevant.


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