NUS Green Impact and Do Nation join forces

Green_Impact_CMYK logo.jpg

So you heard the big news? We’re partnering with NUS, allowing universities to use Do Nation neatly alongside their Green Impact programmes. Pretty exciting.

Through creating customised pledge campaigns on our platform, universities can now engage a wider base of staff and students in a really simple, impactful, and measurable way.

Not only that, but you can use it to identify and recruit your next wave of green champions.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create an unlimited number of campaigns on Do Nation. We’d recommend structuring them to reflect your Green Impact teams, but you could also create campaigns for each halls of residence, society, or any other group of staff or students.
  2. Pit these teams against each other in one of our interactive leaderboards, using friendly competition to drive take-up whilst helping supporters to see the impact they can have together.
    Chester screencapture-www-wearedonation-com-businesses-university-of-chester-leaderboards-do-chester-1467277147042.png
    A snapshot of Chester University’s leaderboard, ranking their Green Impact teams against each other


  3. Tailor the focus of your Do Nation campaigns to reflect your green impact worksheets or wider initiatives you’re running (e.g. waste, health and well-being, or energy consumption). Simply edit the list of Do Actions on offer to match actions in your worksheets.  

    Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 09.43.45.png
    You can change your priority Do Actions whenever you like – adapting the focus as you see fit.
  4. Green Impact participants encourage their colleagues and students to record pledges – you can ask them to do this through a Green Impact action as well as with other communications. We automatically follow up with supporters, sending them tips and reminders about their pledges. After two months, they confirm how they got on, allowing us to confirm your collective impact which will feed into your annual impact report for Green Impact too.

    Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 18.01.35.png
    After making a pledge, supporters receive a handful of well timed, tailored emails with bitesize bits of advice about their pledge.
  5. Reward Green Impact teams for raising pledges through toolkit actions and points.
  6. Measure the impact through our detailed reporting dashboards. Data includes number of pledges made and completed, as well as the carbon, water and waste saved by these.

    Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 09.34.08.png
    Programme owners can access real-time reporting dashboards online, with an ever-growing range of graphs and charts helping you to understand your impact.
  7. Download the details of your supporters and their pledges, including names, email addresses, and the pledges they made. Seriously valuable for creating targeted, effective sustainability communications going forward, and for recruiting your next cycle of Green Impact.

Sound good? Contact your NUS project officer, or to find out how to get set up.

Read the case study of how Chester University used Do Nation.

Not on Green Impact? Fear not – we can still help, just drop me a line.

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