August’s Priority Do Actions

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A speed blog from me today.

We have five new priority Do Actions for August. Here’s what they are and why we chose them.

Tap it:

tap it lucy_vigrass_for_the_love_of_tap

Stay hydrated the waste-free, cheaper way this summer: with tap water. Disposable plastic bags and coffee cups have been all over the news, but what about all those plastic bottles littering our streets and oceans? Let’s make them history!

Pledge to Tap it now.

Eat seasonably:

eat seasonably Carina-Dewhurst-01-562x794

I’m not even going to start listing all the delicious fruit and veg that are in season this month – I could be here forever, and I said it was a speed blog, after all. But head to Eat Seasonably to find out what delights you’ll be in for if you pledge to eat local, seasonal food this month.

Pledge to Eat seasonably now.

Walk on:

Walk Vaughan-Oliver-WEB-011-562x794

The sun is shining, the sights are bustling, it’s a great time to get out on your feet and walk your way around.

Pledge to Walk on now.

Clean your bills:


A regular feature on the priority Do Action slot, simply because it has such a huge impact for so little effort. Switch to Good Energy now, and they’ll donate £25 to Do Nation. (Just remember to mention Do Nation!).

Pledge to Clean your bills now

Fix it:

fix it Happiness-Restored1-562x794

With holidays and long weekends abound, it’s a great time to get your DIY shoes on and start mending. Whether it’s patching up the lilo or fixing your bike, repair and love what you have this summer.

Pledge to do Fix it now

If you’d rather have your own Priority Do Actions, it might be worth upgrading to Do Nation Pro.

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