5 steps for B Corp staff to Be the Change in 2017

Pledge to run in to your destination this New Year

Christmas is racing upon us, and that means one thing: New Year’s resolutions are just around the corner.

As I discussed in our recent webinar (which you can still watch online), New Year’s resolutions create a great opportunity for you to get your colleagues or employees on board with sustainable and purposeful business. People are looking to turn a new leaf for the new year and so are particularly receptive to the idea of making pledges and doing good.

We’re particularly excited to be working with B Corps to help engage staff in this movement and build a bit of friendly competition between the UK B Corp community. We’ve built a leaderboard pitting B Corps against each other: which can make – and complete – most pledges through January? 

The winning team will win a year’s supply of tea from Pukka Herbs – now there’s an incentive!

Join the B Corp pledge leaderboard on Do Nation

Pukka Herbs have kindly offered prizes for the winning teams. More info on the details of the competition here.

Here’s how it all works, in five simple steps:

Before launching (ideally in December, but early Jan also fine)

1. Get your pages set up:

Firstly, fill in this short form, it takes max. 2 minutes and will leave you with a personal profile, a company profile, and a campaign page where your team will record their pledges.

Then upgrade to Pro so that you can join the competition, create your own internal leaderboard (optional), and customise the list of Do Actions.

We accept credit card payment online so you can get going right away, starting at £10 / month. Once that’s done, we’ll add your organisation to the B Corp leaderboard.

2. Seed the idea:

It’s worth warming people up to the idea, letting them know of the opportunity coming up. Whether a quick shout out at your Christmas party, end of year meeting, or on your office Slack channel – start talking.

During January:

3. Test it out:

Make sure you’ve made some pledges yourself before launching – to test it out and start building momentum.  

The actual process of recording a pledge takes as little as 60 seconds; you’re then committed to trying it out for two months. Over that time you’ll receive some handy reminders and tips.

4. Launch in office:

All-staff meetings are an ideal moment to launch your campaign, especially if you can get one of the senior management team to announce their own pledge publicly. That gives the campaign huge clout.

Emails, desk drops, and posters are also great ways to get the message out.

You’ll then need to create accounts for all your team by uploading their details through your Manage Users portal. They’ll immediately be notified by Emma (our friendly bot), and invited to make their pledge.

Through the month we’ll send you weekly updates about your latest pledges and leaderboard ranking – use these to keep staff motivated and momentum building.

In March:

5. Confirming pledges:

When the two month pledge period draws to a close in March, we’ll send out emails asking your Doers to confirm how they got on with their pledges (this is super easy and doesn’t even require logging back in). It’s worth you giving them an extra prod to remind them to do this.

Then you’ll get rich data on the impact, which you can report back to them and help them to understand the change that they helped to create.

Download a more detailed step-by-step guide here.

What are you waiting for?!

As always, drop us a line if you have any questions.

The joyous small print:

  1. Prizes will be awarded to participating organisations on the following basis:
  2. Your organisation must be subscribed to Do Nation Pro to be included in the competition, which costs £1 / employee / month, with a minimum of £10 / month. More info on pricing and features.
  3. The deadline for signing up is 31 January 2017, although by signing up early in January you obviously have a much better chance of getting enough pledges to top the leaderboard.
  4. The competition is open to any Certified B Corps running campaigns on Do Nation Pro during January 2017.
    • Initial prize: The organisation that records the most pledges per person between 1st January and 31st January 2017. That is, the total number of pledges divided by the total number of employees (as calculated through the number of users added to your programme through your Manage Users portal).  This will be awarded on 1st February 2017.
    • Final prize: The organisation that completes the most pledges per person, based on pledges made between 1st January and 31st January 2017. This will be awarded on 7th April, by which time all users will have had a chance to confirm their pledge progress.
  5. Prizes kindly supplied by Pukka Herbs.
  6. We may create additional categories – for example, for specific sizes of company, depending on demand. We will notify all participants of any new categories as they’re confirmed.

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