New year: New features

Over the latter half of 2016 we were busy building a bunch of new features here in the Do HQ – from new Do Actions to online payment.

Here’s a bit more detail…

1. Events listing page

Many organisations use Do Nation as a tool to support existing events, like their internal green weeks, fair-trade fortnights, or World Environment Day activities. It’s perfect for that use – simple to set-up, customisable, and gives legacy to these events through long-term behaviour change.

So we created a page to list upcoming events and register interest. If there’s enough interest in a particular event, we’ll even create an inter-organisation leaderboard as we did for Waste Less Live More week.

2. New Do Actions


We’ve added ten new Do Actions, falling into two broad camps: food (things like Sweet temptations, Well oiled, and You mug) and personal development (Voice up and Get outta here).  

In fact, these have already earned a blog all unto their own.

3. Pro-only Do Actions


Some of these actions are really only relevant to our Pro users – I doubt many people will be running the marathon this year with the aim of getting colleagues to go to more conferences!  

So we’ve introduced the ability to make some actions available only to campaigns on Do Nation Pro subscriptions, adding value for our Pro clients while keeping the Do Action menu clear and simple for supporters of Free campaigns.

We also re-organised our growing list of Do Actions, sorting them alphabetically instead of by date created. Not wildly exciting, but potentially significant. It’ll be interesting to see if Veg out remains our most popular Do Action now it’s been pushed to the bottom of the list…

4. Leaderboards of organisations

If there’s just one thing I’ve learned since we started Do Nation Pro, it’s that competition is a seriously powerful thing within workplaces. It never ceases to amaze me how much a bit of inter-team competition motivates people to take part, and the impact that this has in building culture and community.

I’ve always been intrigued to see if competition between organisations would be equally powerful. So we have now added the ability to pit company against company within our leaderboards.

This has two benefits: firstly, it makes the competitive element accessible to smaller organisations who don’t have enough teams to create internal leaderboards. Secondly, it can foster industry collaboration and build communities of organisations actively tackling sustainability. Powerful stuff.

5. Online payment

You can now create your campaigns and upgrade to Do Nation Pro without delay from as little as £10 / month, opening access to Pro features like leaderboards, customised Do Action lists, and reporting dashboards.

Through our secure payment processor, Stripe, we can now accept credit and debit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

6. User management


This isn’t such a new feature, but we haven’t shouted about it yet.

Upgrading to Pro now unlocks the ability to control exactly who can pledge towards your campaigns.

When you’re ready to launch your campaigns, you upload your employee’s basic details (name and email address) through your secure user management portal, creating a holding account for each of them. They will immediately be notified by email and invited to make a pledge.

This user management feature allows organisations to sign up individual departments or teams for trials without having to pay for the entire employee base – ideal for pilots or for individual sustainability champions. It also allows organisations to report more confidently on their impact data and participation rates.

7. New home page


Last but not least – our home page underwent a bit of a revamp. You can now create a new campaign or find a campaign to support directly from the home page.


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