Three ideas for your New Year’s resolutions

Rainbow run paint fun

Yes – I’m adding to the abundance of “new year, new you” blogs. It’d be silly not to, given personal commitments are pretty much our life blood. But I’ll keep it punchy, promise.

Here are three ideas for your new year’s resolutions this year:

1. Commit to get fit.

Possibly the most common new year’s resolution: to improve your fitness. But also one of the most often failed.

Increase your odds by making a firm commitment early on:

Step one: sign up to a challenge that will require a reasonable (but not insane) amount of training. For ideas of events near you, check out the superb Find A Race.

Step two: make sure you can’t bail on it by raising support from the moment training starts. As soon as your friends and family have started pledging to support you – be it with money or actions – your motivation will soar, trust me. What’s more, once they’ve committed their support, they’ll be sure to keep you to side of the bargain!

Read Holly’s interview about her New Year’s resolution to do the London Triathlon last year, and how Do Nation helped her get off the couch and tri.

2. Show leadership.

Man preparing for leadership

Wish your company and colleagues did more to tackle sustainability, wellbeing at work, or climate change?  Want to develop and demonstrate your leadership skills?

What are you waiting for? Do Nation is calling out for people like you to support our mission. Why not lead a Do Nation challenge in your workplace, injecting a bit of fun and competition into building a culture of sustainability?

Getting your company or team set up is easy (we’ve even created a checklist to help you along), and with Do Nation Pro now costing as little as £10 / month there really are no excuses.

Alex’s interview should be the final bit of inspiration you need.

3. Small steps.


Looking to start closer to home, focusing on your own habits for now? Keep it simple by making a pledge towards one of our current campaigns, this one by Kirby Gimson, perhaps?

There are over 50 actions to choose from, but here are some of our favourites for January:

  • Do diet – quite an obvious one for this time of year.
  • Step up – step by step fitness in 2017 – take the stairs, not the lift.
  • Well oiled – steer clear of unsustainable palm oil this year. A tough but good’un.
  • Clean your bills – we’re running a great offer with Ecotricity, bag yourself £30 of LED light bulbs when you switch: they’ll also donate £60 to Do Nation (be sure to use this link or mention us when you call). 🙂
  • Lose your bottle – Cut back on the booze. We’re not asking you to go totally dry, just a little bit drier

Instead of committing to these actions for an entire 365 days, we will just ask you to try it out for two months – if it goes well, extend it. If not, why not try something different?

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