Clean your bills: a lightbulb moment


Is your bill supply powering the clean energy revolution? Or is it lining the sooty pockets of the Big Six?

It’s time to switch to a renewable energy supplier – and we have a great offer to help you along.

Switch to Ecotricity through Do Nation and they’ll send you a pack of 10 LED light bulb (which could save you £65 / year on electricity bills!). They’ll also donate £60 to Do Nation. And they’ll give you the greenest energy in Britain.

So you win, we win, and the planet wins.

Make your switch now.

You don’t have to have new power lines installed, and you don’t have to stick a wind turbine on the roof. You simply make one phone quick call, or click one link.

If calling, be sure to mention the Do Nation offer.

What are you waiting for?

And please – help us out and spread the word!



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