Sustainability Leadership in action at Arup


As we all know, the world around us is in flux. Uncertainty abounds. But one thing is certain: we need to take action on climate change now.

The bold targets set through the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals are great progress, but without action from each one of us, and soon, these targets will be missed and rendered meaningless.

Rosie Cripps, an engineer at Arup, felt passionate about this. Early in 2016 she contacted us asking if Do Nation could help her to open up conversations – and action – on climate change around her Cardiff office.

Stepping outside of her job remit, she instigated an office-wide Do Nation competition, pitting her 330 colleagues against each other to see which team could make the most pledges and save the most carbon.

As Rosie said, running the programme was “like a personal training course in sustainability and leadership. It gave me a chance to experiment with different engagement skills and techniques, to see what worked for different people.”.

She clearly struck on something that worked, as 54% of her colleagues signed up making 672 pledges together – ⅔ of which turned into long term habits. What’s more, 8 in ten participants say they’re now more proud of Arup for it’s action on sustainability, and it’s led to a range of other projects being set up around the office.

Sustainability champions in other Arup offices are now getting set to replicate Rosie’s success.

For the full story, download the case study.


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